“But not Burger King onion rings; that’s like the cubic zirconia of onion rings.”

I am really into my new job.

In the beginning, I was super nervous about it. There were so many things that could go wrong! It was lower paying than my current retail job (albeit, it was only 50¢ less than my current rate of pay), and I couldn’t guarantee that I’d be working the hours I needed to afford my bills. Plus, it was completely different from the work I had been doing for years. What if I didn’t get along with the people I worked with?

But, I gave it the benefit of the doubt. I really didn’t want to work in retail. I went to the interview, talked with the manager, and boom. It was like I was meant to be there.

And now I don’t regret it. My new coworkers are awesome, and my manager is the bomb dot com. The job is laid back, but still demanding in a satisfying way that makes my body ache in a way that lets me know I was productive today. I can pick up some extra hours wherever I can, so long as I don’t reach 40 hours in a week. It’s not bad.

(The quote is from a coworker of mine.)


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