It was good for a hot second, and all at once, everything has spiraled out of control. Which, you know, whatever.

Except, I am not the type of person that can just brush this off. So, it’s not just whatever—it’s what the fuck have I been doing for the last three  weeks while school was in session? I have so many exams that I don’t feel even remotely prepared for. Don’t even get me started on my financial crisis. Who can even afford to live in this day and age? Why does my car suddenly need new tires? Christ, why did I let myself get into so much debt?

I should be out of school by now. 2016 should have been the year I graduated college, and instead, I’m stuck going through the motions of a BS-education for another God only knows how many more years because I can’t stop transferring schools, so barely any of my credits are transferring. I’m so tired of it.

What am I even learning? I don’t feel like I’m even learning anything.

I should’ve done that gap year thing that the Europeans do. I should have never gone to college right after high school, and now I am filled with nothing but intense regret and a nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach (or maybe that’s the burger from the dining hall…).



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