The struggle is real.

I am doing awful in my classes; I should probably drop the one I am legit failing before I get ahead of myself. But I’m 90% certain that it’s a pre-requisite for my major. I have to remember to email my advisor… I’ll either have to take it again next semester, which is fine, or I’ll take it again at a later date.

The financial aid office has been my worst nightmare ever since I got to this school. For whatever reason, they determined that my family can contribute $3,970 to my education. My family doesn’t make that kind of money!? They told me we have “untaxed income”. My dad gets Social Security Disability? I don’t understand what any of this means. I need to call their office and make an appointment with a counselor to re-evaluate my financial aid, but I am so sick to my stomach with all of the stress this has caused I almost don’t want to. But I’ve already taken out a second loan to help cover the cost of the semester.


If every semester is going to be this expensive, I won’t be able to go to school anymore.

I need to finish my degree, goddammit.


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