breakdown, part two

My precious little Cinnabon writes so well. 15/10 you should read his stuff, not just because he’s my friend, but because everything he posts is unique and it’s interesting and it’s great.

Chance's Chatter

i wrote this one tonight. the other one was basically all done, i just had to finish it up. i also felt two gifs were useful because what ezra does is kind of like him walking away from an huge explosion.

Owen knew. He knew and he avoided me because he probably knew that the things I could do could hurt him. I only decided to tell him what I could do because I fucking trust him. I decided to tell him about what I could do because I wouldn’t hurt him. I trusted him and thought that he could be open to learning the ultimate secret about me. But no, let’s all just fucking run away from Ezra because he’s a freak, because he’s different. He probably thinks that I’m inhuman and I’m afraid that the Witch Trials would begin again over trusting.

From what I know, Owen…

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