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I am…

Hi, you can call me Lily.

I am in my early twenties, with goals and ambitions and dreams that are larger than life. I am a student in college, and because college is expensive, I have multiple jobs to help me work through crippling debt. I love to travel, and I love to eat, and I love to go shopping – all of which are expensive habits. I am bookish and quiet around people I don’t know, but I am loud and outgoing with the people I know best.

Hi, you can call me Lily. Don’t compare me to anyone else, because I am not someone else. I am Lily.

I work just as hard as everyone else, put it as much effort – if not more – as someone else, and I am good enough on my own to not need comparison to anyone else.

Ugh, I needed to get that off my chest.

One of my friends put in an application to the store I work at. She worked here before, but was let go over something stupid because our store manager at the time had it out for her. I’m really excited if she comes back; I miss the hell out of her – she can even take back her early morning shifts (that I took over when she left), idgaf. However, the management in this store is so awful that this place is literal hell on earth and I don’t want her to suffer.

We talked about her coming back, and I complained about how awful working at this store was.

I told her about how my manager nitpicks every little thing I do, and one small mistake is like a huge blow up. He plays it off like he’s just joking but I literally just feel attacked.

One time, he made a comment: “Why can’t you be more like ____ and ____?”

Like, excuse me?

Say that one more time, because I think I fucking misheard you.

I am damn good at my job. In fact, I happen to know FOR A FACT that I am one of the only good ones that you have working your customer service desk and you want to tell me my work is inefficient compared to my friends? Fuck you.

I hate working for you. I hate working at this store. I hate working in this fucking department because you’re a douche-nozzle with no regards for your job whatsoever.

Don’t you dare try to make everything wrong with your department my fault.

I have a bad attitude because I hate the people I work for.

Get the fuck out of my face with your bullshit and let me do my fucking job the way my friends trained me to do it.

My name is Lily and don’t you dare compare me to other people, because I am not other people.


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