The Goals List

Disclaimer: No real significance to this post, except to remind myself of all the reasons why I force myself to reach every possible breaking point known to man.

  1. Degree = Success/Achievement
  2. “Dream Job” Goals
  3. Make money doing what makes you happy!
  4. Make money making other people happy, because it makes you happy!!
  5. Financial stability
  6. Pay off all your debt
  7. Seriously, get rid of all those credit cards
  8. And then burn them
  9. Vacations all over the globe
  10. Globe-trot the shit out of the earth
  11. Get a house with a big yard so I can own a lot of dogs because that’s the only thing that will ever make me happy in life
  12. Please don’t have kids
  13. They sound like so much work
  14. And tbh I can hardly take care of myself because I’m lazy af
  15. …and selfish
  16. Write a book
  17. …or finishing writing that one you started years ago…

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